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RSS ( Recruitment, Screening and Selection)

All candidates are screened carefully and undergo psychological examinations, to ensure our Principal and Clients the most competent qualified seafarers available. The hand on hand with the selection process based upon the Owner/Principal's criteria a smooth and satisfying experience on authorization by the ship owner/ ship manager to recruit a seafarer and we are responsible to:

  • Screen previous employment records in order to identify suitable seafarers with satisfactory past performance.
  • Check the validity of all Licenses, Flag License and training certificates and where necessary to arrange/ renewal.
  • Arrange for the medical screening of the seafarer including Drugs and compliance under Principal/ Ship Manager pre-employment medical standard.
  • Prepare all documentation required and departure formality (including visas) for the seafarer to join the vessel in specific time.
  • After the complete selection and engagement process approved by Principal/ Ship Manager shall conducted for pre briefing/ necessary training on view competence with education, training, attitudes and behaviour of all individuals and value creation at the workplace.